Yoga Therapist

for neurological disorders

Do you feel overwhelmed, with too many thoughts?

Are you wishing to slow down without feeling guilty?

Do you feel a disconnection & a need for more groundedness?

If you answered yes and don’t know where to start join this *free* 10 Days Mindfulness challenge!

Next Round starting in Fall/Winter 2022.

For those 10 days, you’ll receive emails with various prompts and exercises to support you in your journey.

What to expect:

  • Guidance on what mindfulness is about,
  • An invitation to connect with your self,
  • Short practices that integrate in your daily life,
  • Different format of learning (emails, videos),
  • Gradual evolution: the practices are building upon each other,
  • Daily accountability support,
  • No experience needed,
  • No drastic lifestyle changes involved.

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